Friday, November 30, 2007

Finals have arrived... let the cankers begin!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007


A month and half ago I entered the world of retail. I work at Lucy, which is a clothing store full of women's active wear. "We make clothes that fit, woooomeeeen."

I love my job!!! I could have never guessed that I would love retails so much. I get to help other people buy clothes. I love giving my opinion on color, styles, fit, and what is hip and what isn't. It is so fun to help women feel so good about themselves that they have no problem dropping several hundred dollars on active wear. Each customer thinks that I am the expert, and is willing to believe everything I say. It is kind of scary how powerful my opinion seems to be for many of these people.

Last weekend was our big holiday weekend, I worked all 3 days, including black Friday! I had some major sells this weekend. One lady was planning a trip to Africa, so I helped her spend $700 to be adequately prepared for her adventure. Then a lady came in yesterday (she was wearing the hugest diamond ring I have ever seen) looking for Christmas gifts for her girlfriends. She was thinking about getting them all workout pants. "What a great gift," I told her, "this jacket will go great with those pants and your friends will love it!!!" 11 jackets, 5 pairs of pants, and $900 later, Jill was walking out the door as happy as a lark. In fact she was so pleased with the service she received, that she grabbed me and gave me an ecstatic embrace, then told me she wanted to give me a Christmas gift. I was thinking a pair of pants and a jacket would be a good idea.