Tuesday, March 25, 2008

speaking of dreams

While I was in California I was able to visit an old friend of mine who is currently working at Pixar. He invited us to the Pixar campus for a visit, and gave us a tour around the place. It was really really awesome. It was neat to think of all of the magic that takes place in that building. It was even neater to realize that my friend gets to take part in that.
He is truly living his dream. It was strange being there. I found myself oddly jealous of him and the life he has chosen. I don't think it is because he is an animator (that hasn't been a dream of mine since I was 14), but I think it is because he is doing something extremely amazing, and he is honestly happy and satisfied with what he is doing.
Truthfully I am really happy and satisfied with the life I have chosen. However, I am a dreamer, I always have been. I dream of doing so much more with my life, helping so many more people, and making the very most of the gifts I have.
Sometimes i wonder if there is something more, something I haven't yet discovered, and sometimes I find my soul searching for that extra something that would make me wake up every day and pinch myself, because I would be living my dream.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Yes my friends,

Or, at least I can pretend that they do.
(yes, brittany is really pregnant)

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Hot Glue is My Lifeblood...

Erin and Kaylene's New Adventure
seattle to san diego
Day 1: Arrived in Portland for a lovely evening with Lily and her family. Laughed harder than I ever wanted to. Ate some nachos with the most perfect blend of flavors. Felt content to be surrounded by some of my dearest friends.

Day 2: Spent the morning exploring Portland. Discovered the most perfect humus. Watched Lily get hit on by a 45 year-old Greek man. Drove through all of Oregon and was amazed by the beauty. Checked into the Redwood Hostel.

Day 3: Fell deeply in love with the Redwood forest. Finished a book. Had my breath taken away moment after moment as we drove down Highway 101. Arrived at the Ryan's. Had some of the greatest conversations of my life with Brittany and Erin. Once again, feeling happy and content.

to be continued....

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Worst possible thing that could have happened to me right now

I finally found a way to watch all of the episodes from Season 2 of Ugly Betty on the internet! I want to be happy about this, I want to shout for joy and sing praises of hallelujah. But, I can't.
This is the worst possible time for this, I feel like it is going to ruin my life, and my grades. And, somehow I feel powerless and willing to let it do that.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Apple Strudel

Just a couple of blocks away from my house there is a local market every Saturday morning. Since I moved here, I have wanted to go check it out, but never was truly motivated to go on my own.

Today Cassie (one of my roommates), our friends Danny and Jason, and I all went to the market. It was really enjoyable, we wandered in and out of local bread and cheese vendors, saw a sign advertising the sale of woolly pig, and safely avoided talking to the woman who wanted to educate us on global warming.

As we were wandering through the market I saw a table strewn with the following items:
I had a couple moments of severe confusion. It all looked so familiar, yet it was the wrong place and the wrong time. I looked up to see a sign advertising baked goods from Prague.

My heart jumped! I was so excited and I knew instantly I would have to temporarily abandon my goal to not eat sweets.

As my stomach started to grumble and my mouth started to water, I slowly became aware of the fact that there was a gruff looking older woman standing behind the table.

I immediately and tactfully asked her where she was from, when she replied Prague, I switched over to Czech. I wanted her to know, that I speak her language and love her country. We spent a good amount of time chit chatting about nothing and becoming immediate best friends.

Her eyes lit up as she spoke Czech and spoke of her home. My guess is, that my eyes lit up as well.

It felt so good to be speaking Czech again. I don't get to speak it much, especially with a real authentic Czech Babicka (grandma). After talking for a while she gave me her phone number and told me to call her anytime I wanted to speak Czech. She then proceeded to give me a free piece of apple strudel.

The strudel was delicious, it tasted so authentic. I could have sworn that it was Sister Brouskova in Zlin that had made it.

The whole experiences filled me with warmth. It made me a bit homesick for my mission, for the country, and mostly for the people I loved there. It reminded me of how kind, genuine and giving Czech people can be. When I talk about Czech people I often emphasize the hard exterior they use to keep people at a distance. Today, however, I was reminded of the warmth they give the moment you are able to break through the hard exterior.

I love those people dearly. It amazes me what kind of impact they had on my life. I don't think I will ever get over my love for them. I imagine that even 30 years down the road, speaking to a Czech person will bring the same warmth.

So, I left the market today with a warm heart, a piece of strudel, and a phone number for a new friend. I think I will probably call her. The way I see it, everyone needs a Babi in their life. Who knows, maybe I will get some more strudel or maybe I could even talk her into making me some svickova.