Wednesday, October 29, 2008

a great combo

I love Ugly Betty
I love Halloween
So, dressing up as Ugly Betty for my first costume of the Halloween season was perfect.
and having Megan and Kurt be Amanda and Mark was even more perfect.Thank you guys so much for being an "accessory" to my costume!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


one of these:
or these:

or these:

Thursday, October 23, 2008

it can be so hard when the other half of your soul lives in a different state

Sometimes I think that there is no one else in this world that understand me quite like Lily Von.
my proof ( a text messaging conversation we had today):

me: I am writing a paper about you right now.
Lily: about me?!
me: yes mam, it is for my multicultural class.
Lily: what was the the assignment exactly?
me: well, there were three multicultural experiences we could choose from, one was to spend the weekend with a family of a different ethnicity and I didn't have time to do one, so i just wrote about the weekend I spent with your family a while back.
Lily: can i have a copy? or is it racist? if it is racist I don't want it
me: it is totally racist. i am afraid to give you a copy.
Lily: fine. i still kinda want a copy though. i thought i wouldn't want one if it was racist, but i do.
me: ok, i'll see what i can do.
Lily: maybe just delete all of the racist parts before you send it.
me: I'll try really hard to take out all of the times i call you oriental.
Lily: and chink...
me: EXACTLY! I almost said that in my last text, but was afraid I would offend you.
Lily: i can't wait to read it. i love when people consider me a multicultural experience.
me: you were the best I could think of.
Lily: i'm honored
me: and privileged.
Lily: i owe you
me: you are kinda famous now
Lily: i need to hire a bodyguard and stylist
me: you have actually needed to do that for a while

When pepole ask us how we met. we often reply: "magic." And i can't think of a statement that could be more true. Our souls were meant to find each other.

going political

it isn't exactly my style to talk politics, but I liked this poster and thought I would share it:
this is the original

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

It must be the phase of the moon or something

The last 24 hours has provided me with an excesses of creepy man stories. (warning: long post and not in bullet form.)

story #1
I was at DI yesterday looking at the tables. I found a table and a couple of chairs that I was thinking about purchasing. I sat the chairs up next to the table and was trying to figure out if I liked them together. I backed away and examined the set, then came back and sat in the chair. At this point I looked to my left and saw a man staring at me. He then said, "those are nice chairs." I looked at him smiled and said, "yeah they are." I then went back to my business of standing up, looking at the table, backing up, sitting down, standing and sitting. At this point I looked to my left again to find the same man looking at me with his phone out pointed at me like he was taking a picture of me. As soon as I looked at him he moved the phone and then mumbled something about how his phone was broken. Moments later he got a phone call and totally lied to the person on the phone about what he was doing and where he was. CREEPY!

story #2
As I was working at Lucy (a women's clothing store) yesterday a man came in and started looking around. When a man walks in we make it a point to help him quickly because he is probably looking for a gift and feeling a little out of place. So, naturally, I approach this man and ask him if he needs help with anything. He didn't really answer so I went on to ask him who he was shopping for, he was quiet and reserved for a minute like he didn't want to say, then after several moments of awkward silence he said, "a woman." Really??? I start helping him pick stuff out for his woman friend and at one point I was showing him a purple shirt. I then asked ifshe likes or wears purple. He looked at me and in all seriousness said, "I don't know, and it really isn't about what she likes is it? It is all about me and what I like." WOW!!! I was dying, who is this guy?? And what woman would ever be with him? The rest of the interaction was strange and awkward and the whole time I just had an icky feeling. DOUBLE CREEPY!

story #3
Today I was at a store shopping for a wig for my costume. As I was trying on different wigs a man came over to share my mirror with me and try on hats. He started talking to me about how his head is abnormally large. He then said, "When my mom was about to have me God asked my mom what kind of head she wanted me to have, and my mom thought he said bed, so she asked for a large and soft one." I gave him a courtesy giggle and continued with my important business of wig selection. We exchange a couple small awkward exchanges, then I turned to a couple of girls that were near by and ask them for an opinion on which wig I should get. The guy then decides to tell me that they are both "babealiciously hot." The rest of the time he keeps looking at me and saying weird things. EWWWWW! TRIPLE CREEPY!!!

oh and this guy keeps trying to talk to me and be my friend on LDSLinkup. WHY??

Why can't I just have normal male interactions?
Maybe I choose to hangout with so many gay men because I can't handle the heterosexual creepiness.

Monday, October 20, 2008

could anything be funnier

The other day I was looking through my cousin's facebook pictures and I ran across this picture from his wedding. I think it is practically the funniest picture I have ever seen.For those who don't know my family: this is my brother Garrett, my Mom and my Dad, in short the picture is funny because you don't often catch my family doing super silly things

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

online dating

After talking to many friends and weighing all of the pros and cons, on my 27th birthday I officially decided that it was time for me to enter the world of online dating. It has taken me a little while to really get into it but I am now officially signed up on LDS singles and LDS LinkUp. I am still very nervous and unsure about the whole thing, but am willing to give it a try.
So far one person has added me to his favorites list, he's 57. This should be awesome.