Friday, September 25, 2009

tis the season.

Halloween is upon us and there is much fun in the making.
I think it is a little ridiculous that I am always trying to top "last years Halloween." I have had so many great parties and costumes and topping the previous year is getting tricky.
Things that might make this year more awesome:
  • thousands of witches
  • Luke Wren possibly coming to visit
  • helping my niece with her costume
  • a party that is bigger and better than last years
  • Lily AND Emme at the party
  • Pre-Halloween Martha Stewart like dinner gathering
  • 4 or more costumes!!
There really are many great things brewing this season. I just want to eat so much pumpkin and squash flavored stuff. I was meant for this time of year.
That is all. (and this is fall)